Tuesday, November 30, 2010


   As I scroll through books on GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, and Borders all I can do is wish I had more time to read. I would read much  more YA Fiction and maybe even a little Self/Unpublished YA Fiction too. Why should my blog be dedicated solely to Published YA? There are amazing authors who write published YA and Non- published YA out there. If I read the same type of books day in and day out how will I ever know if I like anything else, or know if I truly just like the tried and true "someone out there liked you before me" published YA only? So, here it is I have decide to take the plunge and open myself up to amazing authors in any publishing category. Of course the bulk of The Fiction Fairy will be published  YA, however there will be a tab for Non-published YA books/reviews and I will post some non- published YA related material from time to time. 
     So while for some this maybe seen as the kiss of death, I see it as a new adventure. How many unsigned music acts do you love, even though they aren't signed? Sure some are crap and that's why they didn't get signed, but then again  just because you have a record on shelves or a published book does not mean it's not crap, it just means the person who read it didn't think so.
    I'm exited to take The Fiction Fairy down this new path of adventure and I hope you'll join me in merging Nirvana and Britney Spears!lol  For how will I know how good vanilla is, if I only eat chocolate...then again maybe vanilla will really suck and trying it will confirm that fact!
    The journey starts now.........