You know your money’s worth because you have worked hard for it. In this day and age, you are more careful than ever before because you know crooks are everywhere- that includes fraud electricians ready to zap your hard-earned cash out. We know you do not want to face this nightmare of someone wrecking your humble abodes’ electrical wiring or installations inside. Be smart enough to check all these alarming signs of a living electrician Denton, TX con artist. 

 Electrician Scams

  1. When s/he asks for an advance payment.  

Requesting 20% and above should put you on alert. You will never come across an electrician of good repute who asks you to cover the whole cost of the project before lifting a finger. Like any other professionals, they will listen to you at first and will observe the root of the problem after. Well-respected professionals work with companies that take care of procuring the necessary working materials. So, they shouldn’t need more than a small initial deposit from you.

Next tip is connected to the first one.

  1. When s/he changes the cost.  

For sure, electrical work isn’t cheap. That is why you need to always get three (3) estimates before signing off on any work, and check references. Shady electricians may skyrocket their initial quote by justifying they use only top-quality parts. In many cases, these are actually fly-by-night companies or single contractors who do not have the expertise necessary to complete the work.

  1. When s/he insists on a complete rewire.  

The idea here is to get you so panicked you’ll agree to anything. It may start with an innocent offer to do free inspection. At first, electrician doesn’t find anything wrong. But after looking more closely, electrician now is as fast as a lightning saying that the entire electrical system needs to be replaced — and it needs to be replaced right now! You could be left with anything from holes in your walls to hidden wiring problems, now this is a nightmare. 

  1. When there is zero receipt in your transaction.  

Only fake professionals take cash and do not give receipts in order to avoid any financial trail. You have to remember, they do not have a permit to operate so they do not want to get caught by authorities. A real entrepreneur pays taxes. If something goes awry and you request your money back, you won’t be able to prove you did give it to the electrician.

  1. When there is zero contractor-customer communication in your transaction. 

Real professionals will always explain highly technical terms in plain English and go over each and every item in the estimate they have written in detail.  Everything should be clear for both parties. Con artists don’t even care about explaining what they certainly mean in everyday language. This is where their supposed credibility comes in, they want to look smart with all those complicated specialized terms and bombard you with phrases and notions you’ve never heard before.

We recommend searching for someone to tackle your electricity issues beforehand. You will know for sure that you won’t have to overpay and your house and family will be safe and sound. A home with stable electrical wiring or installations is where you should be and a legitimate electrician will definitely help you.